Top Free Agent Targets for the Phoenix Suns

This is my order of preference for the Suns gaping holes at the point guard and power forward positions this offseason. Keep in mind the NBA Draft is before Free Agency so that will change A LOT going forward. For instance if they win the lottery and take Zion Williamson, that eliminates them from targeting any of the top PF’s. They could still pursue a Marvin Williams or someone similar to him to add depth and veteran leadership. If they trade for a point guard on draft day or take Ja Morant or Darius Garland that would also obviously eliminate them from going after a top-tier point guard, but they could still be in the market for a veteran stop-gap if they take a rookie PG given their desire to be more competitive next season.

My top trade targets at PG in order: Jrue Holiday, Lonzo Ball, Kyle Lowry, Mike Conley.

PG Free Agents:

  1. D’Angelo Russell (RFA)
  2. Malcolm Brogdon (RFA)
  3. Goran Dragic
  4. Ricky Rubio
  5. Tomas Satoranksy (RFA)
  6. Darren Collison
  7. Patrick Beverley
  8. Terry Rozier (he is very bad at basketball)

Sleeper: TJ McConnell

My top trade targets at PF: Aaron Gordon, Blake Griffin

PF Free Agents:

  1. Tobias Harris
  2. Nikola Mirotic
  3. Thaddeus Young
  4. Al-Faroq Aminu
  5. Marvin Williams
  6. Julius Randle (don’t like this fit defensively + he will cost too much $)
  7. Taj Gibson

After the NBA Draft they will have more than likely addressed one of these two positions and could shift their entire focus towards securing one starter and a couple veteran bench pieces that can help build the culture and bring stability to the locker room for this young team. There are many variables and different directions this team can take entering free agency, so it will be a thrilling (and nerve-wracking) offseason. Stay tuned.

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